We create top Pay per Click Internet Advertising strategies that will enable you to gain new customers at the lowest cost while surpassing your competition online. Google has created the most effective and efficient advertising medium every created. You can drive new customers to your website and convert them to a customer at a fraction of any other advertising source. You will have full clarity to track and measure results and improves your campaign based on hard data. Google advertising is no secret and has become very complex and competitive.

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We have been creating Pay per Click Ad campaigns for companies for over six years with great success. We work with clients with budgets from $500 to over $4 million. We create strategies that help clients to drive the highest quality traffic to their websites that will convert to a closed customer. Our strategies are broad and include not only campaign set up and management but also visitor conversion and cost of customer acquisition. We analyze everything from “impression” to “customer” to make sure you are operating at the highest level.

PPC Management Keyword Research TipsSome of the areas of focus for a Pay Per Click Ad Campaign:

– Keyword Research
– Competitor Analysis
– Campaign Structure
– Quality Score Optimization
– Effective Ad Copy
– Aligning Keywords, Campaigns & Copy
– Creating Compelling Offers
Landing Page Optimization
– Increase Conversion of Landing Page
– Sales / Follow Process Improvement
– Long Term Lead Conversion to Customer
– Drip Marketing

These are just some of the areas that need to be careful planned and executed to have a high return pay per click web advertising campaign. If you are not optimizing for every one of these categories then you are losing money and opportunity. We are running full scale campaigns for our customers to ensure the highest results.

Call us and tell us what your goals are and we will provide you a free website analysis, competitor analysis and a honest appraisal of your opportunity to create a high return PPC campaign.


How long have you been in business?
Our team of experts has been at the top of PPC and SEO fields for over six years, since the birth of the industry.

Will you work with anyone?
No, we are selective as to the clients we work with. There is only so much time in the day and our Experts are in high demand. We look for companies that are similar to us in that they are open minded, aggressive in their business and want to dominate their industry online. This is what we do and we seek companies with similar strategies.

Are there minimum budgets?
The answer here can and will likely change but at the moment we will work with any size company small or large if they are a good fit for us. We work with clients that spend as little as $500 and then we have large national companies that spend in excess of $4 million a year.

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