Pay per Click MarketingPay per Click Search Marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to launch an online marketing campaign. Businesses can be live online in 15 minutes and driving new customers to their website that very day. While this is possible it is not recommended. The world of paid advertising has become very competitive and sophisticated. You need to have a focused strategy when you set up or optimize a campaign. It should include a detailed market analysis and competitor analysis. You need to identify where you can exploit others weakness and how you can best beat them online. The strategy is critical to outmaneuvering competitors online. We provide the proper research and analysis to create a well thought out strategy that will have you surpass your competitors and drive low cost, quality traffic to your website.


Pay Per Click Management Strategies

Paid advertising is also a great working research tool to launch a search optimization strategy. You can gain critical insight from a well-established PPC search campaign that will help you define your SEO plan. Paid advertising can give you exact information on what the best performing keywords are for your business. This is an area many make a mistake if they are not careful.

Mistake: Focusing on having your website rank high in the search engine results for a high traffic keyword.

Proper Strategy: Ignore search volume and determine what keywords drive traffic that converts to end customers at the highest and cheapest rate.

Driving a high volume of traffic that does not convert is a failing strategy but one that many companies make. You have to do the research and know the exact right terms to focus on for a great return on investment.


Pay per click target rightHow is PPC different from SEO?
Pay per Click are sponsored ads that run on the right and top of the “natural” search results on Google and Yahoo. If you look you will see there are two sides to the results page a right side and a left side. The left side is the natural listing and the right is the “paid” listings. Business can purchase PPC ads to run in the sponsored listings area.

Why is PPC Valuable?
A business can cast a much wider net using PPC then only launching an SEO strategy. SEO is a great channel as well but PPC allows you to compete for many thousand keyword terms to drive a high volume of traffic with SEO you need to be much more focused to gain top rankings. PPC is also extremely fast, you can get rankings and traffic in the same day while SEO takes several months and is a much longer term strategy.

How quickly can I get started and measure results?
With PPC you can get up live very quickly. We do a thorough analysis of your market, and the competitive landscape and find your best opportunities for success. We create a specific strategy for each company that typically incorporates both PPC and SEO strategies then we begin executing. You can be live on PPC in a few days and see results a few days following that. SEO is a longer strategy that will take a few months to see top rankings and you should plan for a long term effort to gain the maximum benefit.

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