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Search Advertising is the most cost effective way to capture new business. Advertising with Google & Yahoo can drive thousands, even millions of potential customers to your website. It does not matter if you are a large national company or a smaller local business, internet marketing SEO can greatly increase your revenue. The goal is to capture the bulk of internet traffic that clicks on the left hand side of the results page, also called “natural” or “organic” search traffic. These clicks are free as there is no cost per click paid to Google or Yahoo when a searcher clicks through to your website. This clearly is of high value and can literally help companies generate millions of new revenue with no paid advertising cost. The competition for top rankings has become fierce and requires an expert to determine the best strategy, identify the highest return keywords with the best opportunity for successfully ranking in the top positions. We create full scale Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services that will enable your business to gain top rankings and drive high quality, free organic web traffic to your site.

Search engine Optimization and SEO Services

Search engine marketing semWe will outline a strategy based on the competitive landscape of your industry and the realistic expectation of surpassing companies that currently rank in positions you desire. We have successfully ranked companies in the top positions of Google and Yahoo and will perform a free analysis of your website and the competition to provide you with the opportunity available to you. Based on this information we create a strategy with measurable benchmarks to assist to gain top positions for your most desire keyword terms.


What is Internet Marketing SEO?
SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it the most relevant for a particular search query to come up in the top 1-3 positions in Google or Yahoo. SEO is a very complex and competitive field as the financial opportunities for companies is huge. You need an Aggressive, Expert to help you gain and keep top rankings and maintain a high return on investment.

What is Niche SEO Marketing?
Niche SEO marketing refers to a set of skills and strategies used to optimize website for a specific niche industry. These method often able to deliver solid result within a short period of them. Few examples of niche SEO marketing are dental SEO and lawyer SEO.

What should be our goal with a SEO campaign?
This may not be the answer you are expecting, it is not necessarily being #1 in Google, the goal is increased revenue and a positive ROI. Our goal is to create a campaign that gets high rankings and drives qualified traffic that converts to end customers providing a positive return on investment.

How long does it take to see results?
It depends on several factors, what are your trying to accomplish and what is the competitive landscape. Also, what histories to you have with Google, how old your website is and how long you have been running a PPC campaign (if at all). These all factor into how quickly you can see results but typically we can show great movement, even to the top of page #1 within 90 days if you have a site with some Google History. A full scale SEO effort is a longer term project that can take 6-12 months but has huge financial upside once the top rankings are achieved.

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