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In this age of globalization, everything can be found online. This is why it may be considered the Golden Age of Marketing, as there are so many ways to reach out to potential customers. The fashion industry is enjoying its time in the sun, with online presence, of course.

Setting up our online shop is easy, as you don’t have to sew a single stitch, since there are companies that can provide you with world-class products. If you have a Malaysia online fashion wholesale business, now is the perfect time to open your own business page on Facebook. Here are some ways that you can market your wares through this social media platform from


Facebook allows businesses to advertise their wares for extra visibility. You could pay for this option and you wouldn’t be spending as much, given that they have quite affordable options available. This will allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Hold Contests

You might want to give freebies to your current “likers” if they share your status. The one that drives in more likes should have something special from your store. You could give out products or gift certificates as well. This will make your potential customers want to share your status as much as they can. They can ask the people they invite to leave a message to tell you who recommended them. While it may seem like a bribe, it will get you the visibility you need.

Share For Share

Some like-minded entrepreneurs prefer to s4s. This allows you to reach more people. Please note that you would have to share their page as well. However, make sure that you don’t ask someone who has the same stock to s4s with you, unless you sell your products for a lesser price than he or she does.

Join Groups

facebook marketing strategy indeepIf you want to get more people to patronize your shop or at least get more likes, you might want to join groups that allow you to advertise your wares. You can join groups that reach people that you wih to cater to, be it bloggers, resellers or regular customers. You can share pictures and albums of your products to reach even more people. Please make sure that you have the go signal of the group administrators before sharing anything. They may also ask you to follow a certain post format.

Find A Muse

Your muse can be a friend with an exemplary Facebook following or you could pay a blogger with products or cash to promote your products for you. Most bloggers will be happy with freebies. However, high-profile ones will usually ask for cash instead.

Marketing your business on Facebook is so easy that even a child could do it. However, please remember to check your notifications and messages regularly for inquiries or orders. If your business blossoms into a stable venture, you might want to hire an assistant to do this for you. Making money on Facebook is easy, as long as you understand what customers want and provide them with just that.

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