When you set up shop, you feel like anything is possible and that it might be your meal ticket to get to financial stability. However, as time wears on and you don’t get enough customers, you may start to feel jaded and less optimistic. This is an all too common scenario, especially when you own a printing services business  . If you were in the food industry, you would be better off, as everybody needs to eat, not everyone needs something printed everyday.

Please note that although it would be best to advertise from day one, companies who have not been doing so well should also consider investing some of their money into advertising, as this is the best way to get your finances back in order, Here are a few popular, tried and tested ways to get your business back on track.

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pay per click managementPay per click is a scheme that increases your views, making your page more relevant on search engines. The mechanics are simple. You pay a PPC company a certain amount and they will have people click on your page and stay there for at least 30 seconds. This helps increase your search engine presence and is affordable as well.

This is a great tool that most businesses use. Please make sure that the pay per click company is legitimate, as you do not want to waste money on a scam.



Long term SEO ServicesSearch engine optimization helps improve your online visibility as well. To start, you need to employ a skilled writer who can make regular posts that you can put on your website. Google likes pages that have regular updates, so if you update your page everyday, you will make it to the first page of the search engine when someone searches for a keyword that matches the contents of one of your articles.

You should have the article writer add certain keyword to attract more people, for example “affordable high-quality printing services (your location)”, as this is sure to get you more views. Please note that the keyword density should not be more than 2% to avoid being accused of stuffing your posts with random keywords. Proper SEO marketing Strategies can help to drive free targeted traffic from Google for long term.

Social Media

social media managementPlease make certain that you have more than just a website. You need to have extra visibility, like Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media accounts. Your platforms should be regularly updates, with a list of the services you offer and you need to be available at most hours to answer any queries. Punctual replies will help you attract more potential customers. You can also post photos of sample works to give people an idea of what your printing services company is capable of.

Marketing is a breeze, as long as you have the right tools. Please make sure you allot an acceptable amount to cover all bases.

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