When you set up shop, you feel like anything is possible and that it might be your meal ticket to get to financial stability. However, as time wears on and you don’t get enough customers, you may start to feel jaded and less optimistic. This is an all too common scenario, especially when you own a printing services business  . If you were in the food industry, you would be better off, as everybody needs to eat, not everyone needs something printed everyday.

Please note that although it would be best to advertise from day one, companies who have not been doing so well should also consider investing some of their money into advertising, as this is the best way to get your finances back in order, Here are a few popular, tried and tested ways to get your business back on track.

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pay per click managementPay per click is a scheme that increases your views, making your page more relevant on search engines. The mechanics are simple. You pay a PPC company a certain amount and they will have people click on your page and stay there for at least 30 seconds. This helps increase your search engine presence and is affordable as well.

This is a great tool that most businesses use. Please make sure that the pay per click company is legitimate, as you do not want to waste money on a scam.



Long term SEO ServicesSearch engine optimization helps improve your online visibility as well. To start, you need to employ a skilled writer who can make regular posts that you can put on your website. Google likes pages that have regular updates, so if you update your page everyday, you will make it to the first page of the search engine when someone searches for a keyword that matches the contents of one of your articles.

You should have the article writer add certain keyword to attract more people, for example “affordable high-quality printing services (your location)”, as this is sure to get you more views. Please note that the keyword density should not be more than 2% to avoid being accused of stuffing your posts with random keywords. Proper SEO marketing Strategies can help to drive free targeted traffic from Google for long term.

Social Media

social media managementPlease make certain that you have more than just a website. You need to have extra visibility, like Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social media accounts. Your platforms should be regularly updates, with a list of the services you offer and you need to be available at most hours to answer any queries. Punctual replies will help you attract more potential customers. You can also post photos of sample works to give people an idea of what your printing services company is capable of.

Marketing is a breeze, as long as you have the right tools. Please make sure you allot an acceptable amount to cover all bases.

No matter how excellent your corporate training program is, you will not be able to convince companies to use it if it is not promoted properly. You have to make some noise about your services.

How Important Corporate Training Is

Businesses grow and expand in direct proportion to the effort they give to training their staff. Of course, the right infusion of investments plays a major part. But what good will your investments do, if the people who use them are not trained to do their job well?

The importance of corporate training program is emphasized by a report published by the American Society for Training & Development. This report stated that in 2009, United States organizations spent $125.88 billion on employee training.

However, a study conducted by the eessence.biz regarding employee training firms indicated that only about 62 per cent of the respondents had no marketing budgets and only 15 per cent used a formal marketing plan.

Promoting Your Employee Training Services

You will have a larger piece of the market if you will utilize effective methods in marketing your corporate training services. There are several strategies that you can implement. Here are some of them:

1. Email Marketing

The electronic mail is a very effective way in sending your message to a specific group of people. It keeps you connected with your target market and helps keep your product in their minds.

With email marketing, you can easily reach your target market without spending so much money in print, TV and media advertisements. There are email programs that you can use to make this work even easier.

2. Search Engine Optimization

targeted traffic from search marketing

You can put your corporate training website in the forefront of your customer’s attention by optimizing it. Modern consumers use the internet to search for the products that they need. The same is true with companies searching for corporate training providers.

By integrating SEO marketing on your website, you can jump ahead of your competitors whenever your target customers are searching for this kind of service in Google, Yahoo, and similar search engines in the internet. It would be advisable if you will hire a professional SEO specialist who is well experienced in getting training companies on the front of the search list, than just optimizing your website yourself.

3, Putting Ads on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites used by most people today. You can use it to your advantage by placing advertisements of your corporate training services on this popular site.

facebook marketing Ads

These advertisements are the small announcements located on the right hand side of your profile page. By putting Facebook ads, you can reach up to 200 million people who are active users.

social media marketing - facebook

In this age of globalization, everything can be found online. This is why it may be considered the Golden Age of Marketing, as there are so many ways to reach out to potential customers. The fashion industry is enjoying its time in the sun, with online presence, of course.


Setting up our online shop is easy, as you don’t have to sew a single stitch, since there are companies that can provide you with world-class products. If you have a Malaysia online fashion wholesale business, now is the perfect time to open your own business page on Facebook. Here are some ways that you can market your wares through this social media platform from esgesee-vogue.com.


Facebook allows businesses to advertise their wares for extra visibility. You could pay for this option and you wouldn’t be spending as much, given that they have quite affordable options available. This will allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Hold Contests

You might want to give freebies to your current “likers” if they share your status. The one that drives in more likes should have something special from your store. You could give out products or gift certificates as well. This will make your potential customers want to share your status as much as they can. They can ask the people they invite to leave a message to tell you who recommended them. While it may seem like a bribe, it will get you the visibility you need.

Share For Share

Some like-minded entrepreneurs prefer to s4s. This allows you to reach more people. Please note that you would have to share their page as well. However, make sure that you don’t ask someone who has the same stock to s4s with you, unless you sell your products for a lesser price than he or she does.

Join Groups

facebook marketing strategy indeepIf you want to get more people to patronize your shop or at least get more likes, you might want to join groups that allow you to advertise your wares. You can join groups that reach people that you wih to cater to, be it bloggers, resellers or regular customers. You can share pictures and albums of your products to reach even more people. Please make sure that you have the go signal of the group administrators before sharing anything. They may also ask you to follow a certain post format.

Find A Muse

Your muse can be a friend with an exemplary Facebook following or you could pay a blogger with products or cash to promote your products for you. Most bloggers will be happy with freebies. However, high-profile ones will usually ask for cash instead.

Marketing your business on Facebook is so easy that even a child could do it. However, please remember to check your notifications and messages regularly for inquiries or orders. If your business blossoms into a stable venture, you might want to hire an assistant to do this for you. Making money on Facebook is easy, as long as you understand what customers want and provide them with just that.

Search Engine Internet Advertising

Search Advertising is the most cost effective way to capture new business. Advertising with Google & Yahoo can drive thousands, even millions of potential customers to your website. It does not matter if you are a large national company or a smaller local business, internet marketing SEO can greatly increase your revenue. The goal is to capture the bulk of internet traffic that clicks on the left hand side of the results page, also called “natural” or “organic” search traffic. These clicks are free as there is no cost per click paid to Google or Yahoo when a searcher clicks through to your website. This clearly is of high value and can literally help companies generate millions of new revenue with no paid advertising cost. The competition for top rankings has become fierce and requires an expert to determine the best strategy, identify the highest return keywords with the best opportunity for successfully ranking in the top positions. We create full scale Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services that will enable your business to gain top rankings and drive high quality, free organic web traffic to your site.

Search engine Optimization and SEO Services

Search engine marketing semWe will outline a strategy based on the competitive landscape of your industry and the realistic expectation of surpassing companies that currently rank in positions you desire. We have successfully ranked companies in the top positions of Google and Yahoo and will perform a free analysis of your website and the competition to provide you with the opportunity available to you. Based on this information we create a strategy with measurable benchmarks to assist to gain top positions for your most desire keyword terms.


What is Internet Marketing SEO?
SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it the most relevant for a particular search query to come up in the top 1-3 positions in Google or Yahoo. SEO is a very complex and competitive field as the financial opportunities for companies is huge. You need an Aggressive, Expert to help you gain and keep top rankings and maintain a high return on investment.

What is Niche SEO Marketing?
Niche SEO marketing refers to a set of skills and strategies used to optimize website for a specific niche industry. These method often able to deliver solid result within a short period of them. Few examples of niche SEO marketing are dental SEO and lawyer SEO.

What should be our goal with a SEO campaign?
This may not be the answer you are expecting, it is not necessarily being #1 in Google, the goal is increased revenue and a positive ROI. Our goal is to create a campaign that gets high rankings and drives qualified traffic that converts to end customers providing a positive return on investment.

How long does it take to see results?
It depends on several factors, what are your trying to accomplish and what is the competitive landscape. Also, what histories to you have with Google, how old your website is and how long you have been running a PPC campaign (if at all). These all factor into how quickly you can see results but typically we can show great movement, even to the top of page #1 within 90 days if you have a site with some Google History. A full scale SEO effort is a longer term project that can take 6-12 months but has huge financial upside once the top rankings are achieved.

We create top Pay per Click Internet Advertising strategies that will enable you to gain new customers at the lowest cost while surpassing your competition online. Google has created the most effective and efficient advertising medium every created. You can drive new customers to your website and convert them to a customer at a fraction of any other advertising source. You will have full clarity to track and measure results and improves your campaign based on hard data. Google advertising is no secret and has become very complex and competitive.

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Google adwords value

We have been creating Pay per Click Ad campaigns for companies for over six years with great success. We work with clients with budgets from $500 to over $4 million. We create strategies that help clients to drive the highest quality traffic to their websites that will convert to a closed customer. Our strategies are broad and include not only campaign set up and management but also visitor conversion and cost of customer acquisition. We analyze everything from “impression” to “customer” to make sure you are operating at the highest level.

PPC Management Keyword Research TipsSome of the areas of focus for a Pay Per Click Ad Campaign:

– Keyword Research
– Competitor Analysis
– Campaign Structure
– Quality Score Optimization
– Effective Ad Copy
– Aligning Keywords, Campaigns & Copy
– Creating Compelling Offers
Landing Page Optimization
– Increase Conversion of Landing Page
– Sales / Follow Process Improvement
– Long Term Lead Conversion to Customer
– Drip Marketing

These are just some of the areas that need to be careful planned and executed to have a high return pay per click web advertising campaign. If you are not optimizing for every one of these categories then you are losing money and opportunity. We are running full scale campaigns for our customers to ensure the highest results.

Call us and tell us what your goals are and we will provide you a free website analysis, competitor analysis and a honest appraisal of your opportunity to create a high return PPC campaign.


How long have you been in business?
Our team of experts has been at the top of PPC and SEO fields for over six years, since the birth of the industry.

Will you work with anyone?
No, we are selective as to the clients we work with. There is only so much time in the day and our Experts are in high demand. We look for companies that are similar to us in that they are open minded, aggressive in their business and want to dominate their industry online. This is what we do and we seek companies with similar strategies.

Are there minimum budgets?
The answer here can and will likely change but at the moment we will work with any size company small or large if they are a good fit for us. We work with clients that spend as little as $500 and then we have large national companies that spend in excess of $4 million a year.

Pay per Click MarketingPay per Click Search Marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to launch an online marketing campaign. Businesses can be live online in 15 minutes and driving new customers to their website that very day. While this is possible it is not recommended. The world of paid advertising has become very competitive and sophisticated. You need to have a focused strategy when you set up or optimize a campaign. It should include a detailed market analysis and competitor analysis. You need to identify where you can exploit others weakness and how you can best beat them online. The strategy is critical to outmaneuvering competitors online. We provide the proper research and analysis to create a well thought out strategy that will have you surpass your competitors and drive low cost, quality traffic to your website.


Pay Per Click Management Strategies

Paid advertising is also a great working research tool to launch a search optimization strategy. You can gain critical insight from a well-established PPC search campaign that will help you define your SEO plan. Paid advertising can give you exact information on what the best performing keywords are for your business. This is an area many make a mistake if they are not careful.

Mistake: Focusing on having your website rank high in the search engine results for a high traffic keyword.

Proper Strategy: Ignore search volume and determine what keywords drive traffic that converts to end customers at the highest and cheapest rate.

Driving a high volume of traffic that does not convert is a failing strategy but one that many companies make. You have to do the research and know the exact right terms to focus on for a great return on investment.


Pay per click target rightHow is PPC different from SEO?
Pay per Click are sponsored ads that run on the right and top of the “natural” search results on Google and Yahoo. If you look you will see there are two sides to the results page a right side and a left side. The left side is the natural listing and the right is the “paid” listings. Business can purchase PPC ads to run in the sponsored listings area.

Why is PPC Valuable?
A business can cast a much wider net using PPC then only launching an SEO strategy. SEO is a great channel as well but PPC allows you to compete for many thousand keyword terms to drive a high volume of traffic with SEO you need to be much more focused to gain top rankings. PPC is also extremely fast, you can get rankings and traffic in the same day while SEO takes several months and is a much longer term strategy.

How quickly can I get started and measure results?
With PPC you can get up live very quickly. We do a thorough analysis of your market, and the competitive landscape and find your best opportunities for success. We create a specific strategy for each company that typically incorporates both PPC and SEO strategies then we begin executing. You can be live on PPC in a few days and see results a few days following that. SEO is a longer strategy that will take a few months to see top rankings and you should plan for a long term effort to gain the maximum benefit.